Topics covered in our Extension Services

We offer member education on all aspects of good animal husbandry and best farm for profits practices. We have a fully-fledged extension department whose primary role is to increase milk production and enhance quality of the milk produce. Our topics are demand driven and farmers choose them with our help. Examples of these topics are calf rearing, mastitis control, feeding of dairy cattle, clean milk production, bull selection among others. This we achieve by Clustering farmers into groups where various topics on good animal husbandry are disseminated. We also have exposed our dairy staff to specialized training at Dairy Training Institute, Naivasha.

The society has moved away from the traditional milk testing and embraced modernized milk grading by the use of milk analyzers which pick only the best milk in terms of butter fat content, SNF, proteins, lactose, and other relevant parameters. Any wrongly constituted milk sample from our farmers is traced to the farmer and consequently a follow up is done by the extension and veterinary personnel. They visit such farmers to point out what they are doing wrong and advice accordingly.

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