How can I become a member?

  1. How can I become a member?

Be over 18 years, own a dairy cow and pay a registration fee of Ksh.4910

  1. How would I benefit by being your member?
    • Guaranteed market for the milk produce
    • Obtaining animal feed and human food on credit
    • Availability of veterinary and Artificial insemination services on credit
    • Linkages to Financial institution i.e. K-Unity and Limuru Dairy SACCO for loans
    • Free Agricultural education and extension services.
    • Consistent and timely payment
    • Good price for raw milk as compared to other processors 
  1. Do you sell pasteurized milk?

Yes, our milk is pasteurized and is available for sale at our factory

  • 4. Other than selling whole some pasteurized milk are there by- products that you make

The future of our society is bright, we shall have high value products on the shelves soon

  1. What are some of the products that you sell in your Agri-hub stores?

We have a feedmill where quality animal feed is produced. We also have stores where animal supplement, minerals, Human food like unga, cooking fat are stocked.

  1. Where can I get your LIMDA feed?

Limda feed brand is available in all our stores, You can call us on 0713833814 for more information or order.

  1. Do you sell feed on credit?

Credit facility is only extended to our store members

  1. Do you assist your members by giving them loan?

Yes, we do that through our members SACCO and we K-Unity SACCO

  1. Can I access Extension Services if I am not a member?

Our Extension education services are members only