Limuru Dairy Farmers Co-operative Society was registered under the Co-operative Act on the 28th of April 1962. Operations started in March 1963, with just seven members who were; Jimwa Njuguna, Mary Nyambura  Kahahu, Esther Mbutu, Bonifus Kariuki, Philis  Wanjiku, Njenga Migwi and Daniel Miiru.  

We are located in central highlands of Kenya, Kiambu county, Limuru sub county popularly known for natural high-quality milk.

There was a gradual increase in membership to 76 members with one collection center, currently Route 1.  In 1963 UNICEF donated additional milk cans.

In 1964 the management opened a store for resale of farm inputs, feeds and milk cans which the farmers were getting at exorbitant prices from private businessmen.                                                               

The membership over the years has since increased to over 3000 active milk suppliers with 37 milk centers collecting an estimated 30,000 liters of milk per day.

The society is wholly owned by the small holder farmers who are the registered members with equal shares and hence equal rights. The supreme authority is vested in the members.

The society collects milk from the members digitally, confirms milk parameters and bulks it in coolers strategically located in our milk collection zones.  The raw milk is transported to our factory where it is tested again for quality, weighed, recorded and pasteurized.  The pasteurized milk is packed into 50 kg aluminum cans and sealed ready for transportation to our various outlets that includes hospitals, schools, supermarkets, milk bars among other outlets in Nairobi and it’s environs.

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