Milk Processing

Quality Assurance

Here at Limuru we know that milk quality is number one and we depend on everyone to achieve the desired quality. It is collected directly from farmers in hygienic environment and is rigorously tested to ensure quality from farm.

After extensive milk checks, milk is bulked in cooler and chilled within short period to temperatures below 4˚C, this maintains nearly its original quality for processing and consumption while maintaining bacterial load in fresh raw milk less than 50,000 cfu per ml of milk.

The high standards are maintained all through the value chain from farm, through production, transport and processing. We have extensive quality checks and testing techniques to ensure that consumers always get value for money.

At the lab

With so many changes going on in the milk testing, we have the state-of-the-art testing system which positions our laboratory in a good position to take on new challenges. Whether it involves: documentation, sampling, testing, replacing glass bottles, the whole milk testing process has been streamlined from sample collection to result delivery.

Automation and innovative use of technology allows more testing at less cost and the whole system is highly robust for improved traceability, with little opportunity for error.

Mainly the general composition of milk we receive here have Total solids of 12.7%, fat not less than 3.5%, protein 4%, lactose 4.8%, mineral 0.7% this ensure milk is creamy yummy and tastier at all time.

Milk Processing Facility

Our milk is Pasteurized to increase milk safety for the consumer by destroying disease causing microorganisms (pathogens) that may be present in milk and to maintain the quality of milk by destroying spoilage microorganisms and enzymes that contribute to the reduced quality .

Processing of the bulk milk requires first-class raw material and correctly designed process lines in order to attain end products of the highest quality. High standards of hygiene in its handling are strictly adhered so that the valuable constituents are not adversely affected.
Our milk is intended for use directly by consumers. Its taste is as unique as the brand.

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